The dictionary defines welcome as: giving pleasure, received with gladness or delight especially in response to a need. It’s a pretty good feeling when you sit back and analyze it – the feeling of seeing a friend after a long time, hugging your kid after a long day, or walking in the door to be greeted with a doggie smile and tail wag bursting with happiness at your arrival. Hey, maybe it’s even the cold beer or a glass of wine kind of welcome. Any which way, Geographics new blog is like that—it’s a happy you’re here, excited to welcome you and take you on future adventures kind of welcome!

These days, our joyful welcome’s are probably at a minimum as we hunker down at home. And that goes for any beauty routines as well. But here at Geographics, we like creating beauty. So we sat around and wondered what could we “beauty” up? And guess what? Our floating G was right in front of our face, just begging for a makeover.

Every makeover is easier said than done. It’s not just throwing out a new color and calling it good. We had to get to the core of why we needed this makeover. Want to know more? Keep an eye out for our next blog talking about rebranding and the process we went through in creating a new brand.

In the meantime, cruise through our new website— check out our portfolio and see the wide range of services we offer, and give us a call on your next project or idea. Our doors, minds (and emails) are always open.

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